CODA picks up a 2010 AIA Award

The award for Broome North recognises the detailed and logical research work that went into the establishment of principles of design for the entire project. We are very chuffed to have been recognised, and the jury comments reflect our submission which discussed the open and collaborative process, an enlightened and supportive client and local authority and a great team of consultants.

AIA Comments:A project described as having the potential to become “the prototype for future regional planning in Western Australia, Broome North by CODA was awarded the WA AIA Architecture Award for Urban Design. With 5000 lots of land to be delivered over the next decade at Broome North, CODA developed: cultural, historical and environmental analysis of both existing Broome and at Broome North; design guidelines; a Broome North Housing Guide; and had input into the structure, development plan and subdivision. Presenting the award, the jury said: “The proposed planning controls for North Broome resulted from the comprehensive analysis of all of the major factors affecting the selected area located to the north of the present Broome townsite. The detailed analysis led to a logical methodology for the preparation of controls specific to that locality and may well become the prototype for future regional planning in Western Australia. Landcorp is to be congratulated for having the foresight to engage the Architects at the beginning of the project so that a framework is established up front which acknowledges the uniqueness of the location and which capitalises on the outstanding opportunities offered by the site. It will be interesting to follow the direct application of modernist design and sustainability principles on this regional development.”

…and yes the head hurt – not from the beer, but the shocking cover band that played after they dished out all the awards…We wonder, can the Institute organise an awards night that bans “Nutbush City Limits”? For the sake of all AIA members under 60 years of age- let’s hope so.

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