Antarctic Living, brought to you by CODA

CODA’s series of Project Talks was kicked off this past Wednesday, with Sarah Besly (HBA, Project Architect) and Marcello Greco (AECOM, Lead Services Engineer) discussing just what it takes to build a research station in Antarctica.

There were definitely a few more site considerations than we’re used to seeing in WA (as well as a few more penguins) – and Halley VI demonstrated some unique solutions to these. With many of it’s predecessors crushed by snowdrifts, Halley VI’s hydraulic ‘legs’ come complete with skis for easy raising and relocation. A colour psychologist was even brought on board to help design out the potential gloom of a nine-month winter. The choice of bright pink for the generator housing definitely cheered up the night’s audience!

You can find out more about Halley VI (and it’s Spanish colleague Juan Carlos 1) by checking out HBA’s website.

This is the first in a series of Project Talks hosted by CODA – Join us next month to hear Julian Dickens (J+W Associate) discuss the Mountbatten Building.