Project Talk 2: Mountbatten Building

Julian Dickens, an associate at Jestico + Whiles gave us a fascinating 40 minute insight into the design and construction of the Mountbatten Building, a new Research Centre for Nanotechnology at the University of Southampton, in the UK. Julian took us through the ideas behind the positioning of the building on the site, the ‘eureka’ moment of vertically stacking of the offices above the labs through to the scientific inspiration behind the opaque printed screen pattern that offers solar shading to the lower glazing. In addition Julian showed us some of the green technologies in the building including CHP, absorption chillers, evaporative free cooling, naturally ventilated offices, thermal mass and night time cooling, rainwater harvesting, stormwater attenuation swales and sedum roofs. Client, architects, engineers and contractor all worked closely throughout the project (the mechanical engineer insisted that in these types of building the architecture fits the services). Other impressive features- the project took only two years from start to finish and was an RIBA Awards winner in 2008.