Lunchtime talk: Lin Kilpatrick

On Thursday Lin Kilpatrick, architect specialising in safe and secure environments gave a lunchtime presentation to the Coda office to share his experience and wealth of knowledge in the area of correctional facilities. Lin is on a crusade against the “stereotypical prison”, travelling the globe to find exemplary facilities that are pushing the boundaries of human containment and finding a secure and safe way of life for the inmates.

Lin showed us examples of past prison designs that have not worked and explained thoroughly the reasons behind their failure. Some exceptional prisons and psychiatric hospitals from Australia and around the world were then shown to us while he explained the positive effect that innovative design and management can have on the inmates.

We were presented with an entirely new way of thinking through the design of such facilities. Lin demonstrated his efforts in trying to persuade the design trends away from the institutional stereotype and toward open and friendly correctional environments that facilitate true rehabilitation.

It was a fascinating presentation that opened our eyes to the possibilities in the design of correctional facilities that are safe, secure and supportive for the inmates that reside there.