CODA, PMH and The Men’s Shed

Sophie & Emma visit the shed

A few months ago we were approached by the Child & Adolescent Mental Health Unit at Princess Margaret Hospital to improve the interior of their waiting space. The service they provide is unique and offered to everyone from young children through to teenagers. Patients are often in the care of the unit for many years. The great challenge of the project was to create a space that appealed to children of all ages, despite the limitations of size and budget.

What we have created is a central piece of furniture that acts as an angled play space, drawing desk and private nook, a doll house and bookshelf. For the older children there’s a desk with ipads. Bright shots of uplifting colour will appear on the carpet and walls and mirrors provide the opportunity for parents to discreetly observe their children whilst they wait.

PMH is set to move to a new location in the next three years so the budget for this project was understandably tight. Cleverly, the staff from the hospital thought to contact the Subiaco chapter of The Men’s Shed and over the past few week’s this collection of retired gentlemen have taken on the challenge of bringing to life our vision. We’ve been amazed by their dedication and detailed approach to the project. Installation should take place in the next few weeks and we’re all looking forward to seeing in use.

Contemplating angles