2012 AIA Awards

CODA was the State’s most awarded practice at the WA Architecture Awards on Friday night, receiving two awards and three commendations for five distinct projects. We’re incredibly proud and believe this result to be a great reflection of the diversity and skill of our studio. Celebrations kicked on well into the night resulting in some sore heads the next day! Photos to follow shortly, in the meantime here’s a listing of our results as well as comments from the jury:


Residential Architecture Award: Norfolk Farm

Norfolk Farm by CODA Studio is a project that demonstrates significant architectural outcomes can be achieved within limited means. The project is highly considered and beautifully crafted. Its placement defines a series of special places within a fairly ordinary rural environment. The balance between the whimsical ‘half a farm house’ and the more specifically crafted residence creates a loose courtyard space. The main residence is a strict square that has been carved out to allow light and living spaces. This simple carved gesture allowed the architects to introduce delight through the use of timber cladding, colour and skylights. The outcome is moving and memorable. It encourages investigation that is rewarded at all levels of enquiry.


Commercial Architecture Award: Women’s Health and Family Services

CODA has expertly merged a complex array of social and medical operations on a site inscribed by time and memory. The existing conditions of the site presented obstacles to a brief that required the unification of several separate agencies and groups – CODA has managed to distil a series of delightful spaces by giving form to the coalescence of people and space. 

New interventions ascribe new meaning to the existing buildings on site, with variance of gentle interaction and compelling reformation. Simultaneously robust and delicate, the project navigates a palimpsest of material, colour and light, establishing a unique project that lives and breathes people, space and time. 


Interior Architecture Commendation: CODA Studio

The interior fit-out for the new CODA studio has been inserted into an exiting building with thoughtfulness and purpose. The studio operates over two levels connected by a new central staircase that also provides a mechanism to order the spatial planning. The most striking feature of the fit-out is the careful selection and assemblage of new and recycled materials, vintage objects and furniture, along with a collection of books and art works. The quality of the spaces created in the design of CODA studio reflects a committed philosophical approach to both a way of practicing as well as an expression about ways of making architecture. 


Small Project Commendation: PMH Psychological Medicine Waiting Room

The project brings delight and engagement to a waiting room in a hospital – a most unlikely location to experience these feelings. The three dimensional reading, hiding, play space caters to all ages who visit the waiting area. The project is a culmination of the involvement of communities within and external to the hospital environment deftly managed by the Architects to bring a satisfying outcome on a miniscule budget. 


Public Architecture Commendation: Pam Buchanan Family Centre

The Pam Buchanan Family Centre is an important work of architecture as a model for addressing the social and early childhood educational needs of rapidly growing communities in the north-west regions of WA. The Architects have undertaken considerable research of the issues and brought to the design a sensitivity and understanding for the climatic extreme of the Pilbara as well as the human needs of young families. The overall form and ethos is about affording protection and comfort. A new project for a new community – already integral to the lives of those it is intended to assist. 


We would also like to congratulate Michelle Blakeley for the role she played in the restoration of the Marsala House whilst working at Donaldson + Warn. This project deservedly took out the top prize in the Heritage category.