What happens on treasure hunt, stays on treasure hunt!

On the last Friday of July, CODA Studio took an afternoon away from the computers and our usual studio setting to roam Fremantle on an epic search for…


Our studio manager, Emma B, had very secretively arranged a “treasure hunt” that led us following cryptic clues resulting in a chance to visit some establishments, attractions and architecture around Fremantle that we would not have normally thought to visit.

The afternoon out was a fun way to experience some of the bars and clubs around Fremantle, the ferris wheel and a number of architecturally significant buildings that were scattered far and wide across the city.

What nobody could see coming (ok, we all saw it coming) is that it very soon turned into an extremely competitive hunt for the ‘treasure’, with teams racing between destinations, resorting to dirty tactics and downright cheating in order to win the ‘hunt’.

In what was a great day had by all, we would like to thank the local bars, clubs, shops, the ferris wheel and Sacha for their wonderful hospitality amid much confusion as teams of architects came running, breathless into their quiet afternoon social establishments before ordering a drink, taking a photo and running back out again!

We would also, as a studio, like to thank Emma B for organising the entire afternoon’s event single-handed. A heroic effort was made battling endless streams of photos, text messages and phone calls from teams as they rushed to get the next clue. All of which were managed whilst keeping topped up on champagne and making new friends!

Nobody did end up working out exactly what the treasure was, but everyone had a great time trying to figure it out. The winning team received some excellent prizes which were greatly appreciated after such a hectic competition.

The afternoon resulted in a fun night of socialising at South Fremantle’s “Who’s Your Mumma”, who were excellent hosts and provided great food and atmosphere for the evening… and a sore head or two to remember it by.