CODA REAL F.C. enters the Fremantle Cup

Some weeks ago the thought occurred to Kieran that CODA should enter a soccer team in this year’s Fremantle Cup. Despite having plenty of time to train, we left it until the last possible moment to conduct our first training session.

Skilled players, Kevin and Adam from Corner Store were employed to assist us with our last minute preparations. Both proved to be knowledgeable and encouraging coaches, and for that we are eternally grateful.

The training session was held at the Esplanade in Fremantle and what resulted was a remarkable display of sportsmanship and athletic fervor. Stephen proved to be an aggressive tackler and put on a brave face at work the next day despite suffering from his first sports related injury; Dianna was so fast it was like watching lightening on the field; true to form, Todd was best dressed; Heather, with her long and graceful limbs, made an excellent goalie; Kieran managed to kick three goals despite receiving a nasty whack in the face early on in the first half; but it was Lewis, our last minute addition to the team, who in the end was named best on field.

The first official matches are to be held next Tuesday night and unfortunately the fixtures have not been drawn in our favour. We’re playing two games, the first against an untested team named Passatempo and the second against Nick’s Place, Fremantle’s formidable and only late night kebab shop.

Training was great fun and for a moment there I almost wished I was playing.