Season Report: Fremantle Cup

After a grueling pre-season training regime CODA Real was hungry for a win in their first match of the Fremantle Cup against Passatempo. An early administrative oversight had left the team with children sized shin-pads, but players bravely took to the field regardless, while Emma and Heather cheered from the sidelines.

New signing Lewis showed promise on the field, however the team failed to capitalise on early opportunities, while Passatempo set about on a clinical dismantling of the team’s defense in what was a comfortable 0-5 win for the opposition team.

The placement of Dave in goals for the second game against Nick’s Kebabs proved to be a revelation, his fearless scrambles for loose balls saved countless goals while his powerful throwing arms provided opportunities for Stephen up front who very nearly headed in what would’ve been goal of the season. Nick’s Kebabs somehow still snuck a goal in, despite some solid defensive play from Gian, but redemption soon came for CODA when Matthew managed to send a ball into the net from a very tight angle to level proceedings before the halftime whistle. The competition remained heated during the second half however Nick’s Kebabs managed to add two more goals to their tally, ending the match at 1-3.

The mid week break between the second night of play was a tense time at the office, as the prospect of having to play in the wooden spoon play off looked set to become a reality. While team fitness also came into question when every player, except Dianna who had also played a netball game the same night, pulled up extremely sore the day after the match.

The first opponents of the second night, Tom Power, started with an early intensity that caught CODA off guard, allowing them to sneak a goal past team hard-man Dave. Sensing the need to uplift his team, team captain Kieran quickly responded by sending a rocket past their goalkeeper and reviving CODA’s hopes for a mid table finish. CODA Real continued this forward momentum as Matthew again came through for the team with a clinical finish from a solid cross from Todd, giving CODA Real their first taste of victory with a 2-1 scoreline.

This taste proved to be their last as the final game against Freo United proved to be a fairly one sided affair. A late goal from Mitch did little to affect play as the CODA team failed to come down from the dizzying highs of their first victory, with the final score card reading 1-5.

The games result proved inconsequential, as CODA had already achieved what they set out to do; have a great time playing a game they were fairly inexperienced (bad) at, managing to win a game and avoid finishing bottom of the ladder, as well as getting the chance to eat free sausages and giving us all an excuse to have a post match beer while we discuss strategies for CODA Real’s 2013 title run.