Urban Impacts: CODA Studio

The 2013 Interstate Speaker series held at Tusculum in Sydney focused on the theme “urban impacts.” Invited presenters were asked to discuss projects within the realm of their work and the work of other architects in the context of their respective city.

CODA’s Emma Williamson presented the third talk of this four part series on the 13th August 2013.

At a time when Perth and the greater state is undergoing a major shift spurred on by continual population growth and urban sprawl, the needs for density, community, activity and well articulated architecture and urban design moves are back on the agenda.

With the use of the 1980’s WA vehicle number plate slogan “WA – State of Excitement” Emma presented three CODA projects alongside three pivotal urban defining projects by Donaldson and Warn, Kerry Hill and ARM.


The argument was simple;

  1. The ability for architecture to benefit the lives of many rather than a few.
  2. The ability to work behind the scenes to engage with the way precincts and towns are formed and revitalised.

Emma presented these six projects against the backdrop of community, density and activity. The lecture cleverly connected these notions against the respective projects discussed, articulating how the design moves have either strengthened or created the opportunities and potentials for urban impact.

The moral of the story here was; CODA are small players in a much bigger picture, but we are happy to be having conversations, collaborating and working on projects that will continue to contribute to the urban life of our city.


Tusculum is home to the NSW chapter of the Australian Institute of Architects.
The Urban Impacts lecture series will conclude on the 8th of October with the final lecture presented by Andrew Maynard.


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