The codacentum team recently completed the Perth Trailwalker held on the 18th – 20th October. Oxfam Trailwalker is one of the world’s toughest team challenges and Oxfam’s largest fundraising event. The event runs for 100kms, where teams of four walk from Kalamunda to Chidlow hoping to complete the walk in under 48 hours. This is Perth’s first year, and so far it has been a highly successful one. The city has the highest number of teams to have signed up to the event, and the highest amount of fundraising for a first year event.

So how did the first-ever Perth participants go? Here are the stats from the Oxfam Trailwalker Website:

  • 354 teams (96%)  finished the trail
  • 1196 walkers (81%) finished the trail
  • 204 complete teams of four made it to the finish line – 55%
  • Average time to complete the 100km was 30 hrs and 6 mins
  • Average fundraising per team so far – $3,585
  • 1500 bananas were eaten
  • 600 blocks of Oxfam fair chocolate devoured
  • 2,500 Carman’s muesli bars consumed
  • 2,500 fair trade tea bags used
  • 2,150 bags of green tea enjoyed
  • 8kg of fair trade instant coffee powered through

We naively embarked on this journey in April, looking for a challenge, and hoping to take up the last few spare moments we all had in our lives. After months of sporadic training, shoe to sock combinations, outfit selections and general mental training we arrived at the start line quite optimistic of the foreseeable future.

With all the motivational music and loud cheering at the start line, our quite preparations meant that we were all probably slightly nervous about the whole thing. Regardless to the sounds of ‘eye of the tiger’ we began our march.

The event was tough, mentally and physically. We managed to get through the whole thing because of the wonderful assistance from our support crew families who offered us sympathetic looks, pats on the shoulder, bigs smiles of encouragement, warm cups of tea and scrumptious treats.

We managed to complete the walk in 31 hours flat, making us 183/369…..not that it was a race or anything. We lost one team member at checkpoint 5 to a very bad case of blisters, at that point it was very hard for the team to carry on without all 4 members. The remaining three codacentum’s arrived at the finished line at 4pm Saturday afternoon, quite obviously limping, but very happy to be finished.

I wonder how long it will take for any of us to go out on to the trail again.

Happy at the StartAt 0900 hours, looking generally unaware of the pain yet to be experienced. Untitled-1Moments along the trail; 50km’s in = feet up, 75km’s in = dawn break, blisters and the will to go on.imageFor the love of Voltaren….and baconAt 90Kms90km to go, still movingOxfam Trailwalker Perth 2013The finish line cheer squadFinished!Finish Line photo opportunity.