Lemon Tree House: a new proposition for Gen Y

As we revealed a few week’s ago, CODA staffer Sally Weerts was part of a team shortlisted for Landcorp’s Gen Y Demonstration Housing Project. With the winner announced earlier this week, we’re now free to share with you Sally, Mitch Hill and Amy McDonnell’s beautiful and considered scheme:


The project seeks to reawaken a suburban nostalgia that is specific to Generation Y. One that that rekindles childhood memories of summer cricket games on the street, meeting the neighbour perched over the back fence, washing your sandy feet at the front door step after an afternoon at the beach and sharing home made lemonade with a neighbour on the porch. The intent of the ground floor space is to to engage the occupant with the street and the neighborhood in a way that inverts those traditional spatial relationships that see the habitable outdoor spaces at the back of the house. Shifting these activities to the front of the house and designing the edges of the ground floor envelope to be habitable encourage an interaction with street on all facades.

The housing market today allows first home buyers to select one of two options; living in the inner city in a small one or two bedroom apartment, or move to the very outer suburbs and build your very own 4×2 on a street with lots of other very similar looking houses. This site, as well as the brief provided by landcorp, has enabled a new and exciting housing solution to fill this gap. Designed to grow with the life of the occupant, the scheme lends itself to multiple living arrangements and financial capabilities.  With this ‘elastic housing’ approach Generation Y is able to buy their first home with the assurance that it will grow and shrink with their needs over a lifetime.  A solution that not only sees economic benefits but sustainability in the way we build housing in Perth.