CODA Vista Social Club

The CODA Vista Social Club kicked off its 2014 program in style with movies by starlight on a balmy night in the CODA courtyard. Under the guidance of curators Emma Brain, Sally Weerts and Sarah Blangiardo, the courtyard was transformed into a ‘kitsch Moroccan’ inspired outdoor theatre that provided a comfortable and casual setting for film, food and of course wine.

Emma Brain did well to track down the opening short – a cute local production uncovering the origins of Perth’s Re Store amid the journey of its italian immigrant founders.

Dessert was well enjoyed before the main feature “Koolhaas Houselife” commenced. The film is an exploration of Rem Koolhaas’s Maison à Bordeaux, shown through the eyes of the endearing housekeeper Guadalupe, and her everyday interactions with the building.  The charming film provided many laughs as Guadalupe roams about the house pointing out various features (desirable and undesirable) and her hope that it doesn’t fall apart as, it’s just hanging, you know!

The evening was thoroughly enjoyed by all who await to see what CVSC will come up with next!