An interview with Nick Juniper, our new Associate Director


Nick recently joined CODA as an Associate Director bringing years of experience working on large scale architecture and urban design projects across WA and Asia. Whilst Nick’s role is to provide direction to a broad range of projects, we also see him as acting as an important conduit between the two disciplines of our studio. He’s also from Freo, and you know we love that!

Nick, when you were young, was architecture always the career you imagined having?

After some false starts, a career in Architecture seemed like a perfect fit, and in hindsight, I think my interest in architecture had its genesis in my upbringing. I grew up in the South-West of WA, and when I was about 10, my parents decided that they would hand-build a family home. With some help from Freo architect and family fried Bob Gare, the house evolved as a ‘handmade house’ in the 70’s hippy tradition and the result meant that I was exposed to a very non-traditional approach to building, design and living.

You’ve worked on a diverse range of projects in your time! How has your career played out over the last 20 years?

During the early part of my career, I was fortunate to gain a great deal of experience, over quite a short time, across the full range of architectural services, and in a wide variety of projects. This breadth of experience was then narrowed to a firm that specialised in resort hotel and resort residential projects across SE Asia, India and down to East Africa. This included Masterplanning large resort hotel projects. Most recently my focus has shifted back to working in Western Australia, and I am excited to bring all my experiences to the team at CODA.

Engaging in both architecture and urban design requires flexibility and balance; how do you negotiate between the two?

Whether it’s an urban design project, a hotel project or a homeless shelter, the design process is fundamentally the same and requires an understanding the brief and formulating a design response that that creates the best possible outcome. Working between multiple projects types and across sectors does require some flexibility and balance, but the varied nature of my career to date has helped me develop the required skills and abilities to help our clients resolve whatever their brief requires, regardless of scale or complexity.

What is it that drew you to CODA?

I have known Kieran and Emma for many years and from a distance I have admired their approach to design, architecture and urban design. I have always been impressed by the way that they have extended the traditional notions of architectural practice into a wider engagement with issues around the built environment and urban design. Projects like the “Pilbara Vernacular Handbook” demonstrate a commitment to raising the quality of the built environment in a way that goes beyond conventional architectural service. I am really excited about joining the team at CODA and contributing to the great work that they are doing.

What’s the best thing about what you do?

The variety of my day in always inspiring. From resolving large scale urban design problems, to considering construction details, finishes and materials at a very tactile scale, the design process is always interesting. I really enjoy working with our clients and distilling their vision into a successful project, and it’s so great to working back in the heart of Fremantle!