Tiny planes, big conversation, a week in the NT

Two weeks ago, a team from CODA flew to the Northern Territory for a week long series of consultation with the communities of Groote and Bickerton Islands. We met with everyone, from community elders through to families and children, to discuss their current housing situation and aspirations for the future. These conversations will inform the housing strategy and masterplan that we have been engaged to prepare.


Groote_Day3 - 1 (10)

Groote_Day3 - 1

It was a hot and humid week spent 4-wheel driving across the most beautiful landscape, visiting townships and developing relationships. One of the highlights of the week was a (if slightly nerve-wracking!) flight in a 4-person Cessna between the two islands. From the air the islands appeared largely pristine, marked only by occasional interference from mining infrastructure, and the sea the most amazing shade of blue.

Groote_Day3 - 1 (6)

Groote_Day3 - 1 (4)


We look forward to heading back in a month’s time to share with the communities what we’ve come up with.