Man About the House

This week our Directors, Emma and Kieran, will host modernism aficionado and general raconteur, Tim Ross for the latest instalment of his travelling show, Man About the House. His visit has prompted a frenzy of planting, paving and seasol application to ensure that the Backhouse is well up to scratch.

Tim describes his Man About the House concept as an ‘insane’ combination of his three loves – comedy, music and design: ‘I’ve always been passionate about Mid Century Modern architecture and its preservation so this show has enabled me to explain in a completely different way why the architecture of the second half of the 20th century should be protected.’ You need look no further for evidence of his passion than this Design Files feature on his amazing home.

Weekend Australian Magazine recently interviewed Tim about his progression from radio DJ to votary of modern design, in anticipation of the start of his documentary, Streets of Your Town. Screening on the ABC over two nights in November, Streets of Your Town will tell the story of modernism in Australia focusing in particular on domestic architecture of the ’50s, ’60s and 70’s.

We ‘re really looking forward to the doco, but most of all we’re looking forward to having Tim in our orbit for a few hours this Thursday!