An award for BCC Marist!


Bunbury Catholic College Library


CODA and Broderick Architects were delighted to receive an architecture award for our work on Bunbury Catholic College’s Marist campus at last Friday’s Institute of Architects state ceremony. The award was happily received by Emma Williamson and Eamon Broderick and stands as testament to the successful pairing of our two practices.

BCC Marist was an exciting project, giving us the opportunity to re-imagine the way in which an established campus functions in light of contemporary methods of teaching. Congratulations to the project team!

Photographing BCC


The first stage of our huge joint venture education project with Broderick Architects, Bunbury Catholic College Mercy campus, was completed at the beginning of this year. Construction took place at a whirlwind pace, and was delivered in just over 12 months. We are delighted to see it in full operation, filled with a happy body of staff and students!


We’ve been instagramming our own shots of the project as it’s progressed on site, but a couple weeks ago renowned architectural photographer, Peter Bennetts, braved inclement weather to document the school more fully.


A review of the project will appear in an upcoming edition of Architecture Australia, which will include Peter’s images. We’ll let you know when it’s out!

Bird’s eye view of EQ

MRA Elizabeth Quay - Eastern Promenade F+B.JPG SMALL

Melbourne-based photographer, Andrew Griffiths, has created an amazing series of aerial panoramas of key cities across Australia and New Zealand. With its focus on Elizabeth Quay, his recently released panorama of Perth’s CBD is quite fun to play with. We love the bird’s eye view of Kiosk 6, design by us and soon to be operated by the team behind the successful Stables Bar.

Here’s a link to the film, if you’d like to see:

Mastering the art of French Cuisine

In the previous installment of the CODA Cookbook we brought you Michelle’s eggplant terrine, a gentle introduction into the process and assembly behind these quintessentially French dishes. Today we’re raising the bar even further with a recipe that delighted the carnivores amongst us and brought horror to everyone else. Bon appétit!


@owenvokespeters #DoubleCourtyardHouse

Our 2015 project talk series kicked off on Thursday 29th January with a full crowd keen to catch Stuart Vokes from Brisbane firm Owen and Vokes and Peters present an insightful (and social-media infused) talk entitled #doublecourtyardhouse.

Using a collection of his own Instagram photographs to guide the presentation, Stuart discussed the Double Courtyard House, an extension and alteration of a typical timber hillside home in Brisbane designed for a couple and their extended family. With Instagram growing in popularity as an effective visual platform amongst architects, Stuart was also an enthusiast toward the effectiveness of this App as a device that is capable of many things: documenting and expressing architectural works in a story telling process; sharing the value of the work throughout construction to completion, with a quickness and ease of accessibility that allows fleeting moments and ‘half-baked ideas’ to be captured; and its ability to instigate conversations between followers, potential clients and fellow architects.

The notion of narrative was rich in Stuart’s talk as he revealed the role that it plays on numerous levels for OVP. Within the Double Courtyard House, the process of establishing an evocative brief with the client through the creation of a story as to how they would imagine living in their new home was an effective and highly personal method of using narrative to guide and test the design and consequent arrangement and quality of spaces.

On a broader scale, Stuart revealed the untiring practice method through which OVP seek to build an in-depth knowledge of site and setting in a process of reading the places within which they work and acknowledging the stories that already exist.

In the Double Courtyard House the narrative that is read and that which is created come together in what Stuart refers to as ‘genuine acts of architecture’: moments built into the new and old which respond to local observations, an element of editing, creating, and re-creating to establish a new narrative composed of a delightful collection of playful moves, fragmentary structures, preserved artefacts and reinterpreted traditions, all embedded amongst the client’s own narrated spatial ideals.


The Double Courtyard House and Stuart’s images of its progression through to completion were honest in revealing the topics that he discussed and the concepts that were revealed as being essential to OVP and their way of creating architecture. It was illuminating to hear of their admiration for the beauty that occurs in the coming together of carpentry and masonry, revealing of time, tradition and practicality through an acknowledgement and wisdom toward the realities of building in Brisbane and a determination to work with immanent-imperfections and site issues as new possibilities not problems.


We were thrilled to have Stuart present this beautiful project on his short visit to Perth. His personable manner made for a fun presentation, and, true to the intentions of the CODA Project Talk series, expressed the Brisbane-based project in a relatable manner: dismissing the tendency toward glossy hero images and constructed glamour shots, and instead revealing the beauty, genuineness and depth of conceptual underpinning that can be exposed in work-in-progress imagery and simplified photography.

If you would like to be added to the contact list for our future Project Talks please email through your details to

CODA Shade Structure + Christmas Party!

CODA recently held an internal design and build competition for the studio’s back garden. The design brief requested a proposal for a shelter for winter use with an opportunity to address the carpark and city by providing a level of enclosure to the courtyard and enhancing the existing fence.


The design proposals were presented and the whole office cast their votes with Kate Woodman the recipient of the winning scheme. The concept design was to be further developed leading up to build and party day on the 28th November.

Following the successful RFP period, Michelle Blakeley suggested we each be given a key role moving towards the 28th; a fantastic idea which fostered collaboration and an opportunity for junior staff to further develop skills through their respective responsibilities and interaction with suppliers.

The days prior to the 28th were hectic, however ultimately a fantastic lead up that allowed our build day to run (somewhat) smoothly.


We gathered our tools bright and early and split into our respective teams. Our breaks were treasured throughout the day, with many shouts for sunscreen and h2o top ups. Tools were down by 5:30, with a well deserved drink shared with 6 or 7 pizza slices each.

The day was brilliant, where the fruits of our labour were realised through a big effort by everyone. We even made a video to share the experience with you all!



CODA Soccer Team!

Coda soccer team

Due to popular demand, CODA returned to compete in the 2014 Fremantle Festival Soccer Cup this year.

The Cup is a social tournament with the purpose of having fun…so we don’t need to mention how many games have been won by the CODA team, but there have been some great goals from Dinis, Adam, Kieran and Chris’s son and some soccer moves more suited to karate from Kieran. Kate and Tahmina held the back line, offering moral support when required. We also did not receive the wooden spoon award, so all in all a great campaign.

The Fremantle Festival kicks on until the 9th of November with plenty more to see and do.

Fremantle Festival 


Coochie CODA: Backhouse


Two weeks ago our weekly Friday tradition, Coochie CODA, was held at the Backhouse, Emma and Kieran’s own home in South Freo. The CODA team were treated to beers and a tour of the house which is currently under construction.

As the name suggests, the Backhouse is at the rear of another home and faces west which offers a magnificent view…from the scaffolding at least!

Emma and Kieran have reused the Perry Lakes sales office, which is now the kitchen and dining room. Backhouse also features loft bedrooms for the kids, a ‘chimney’ using CODA designed bricks, and a cedar clad exterior.

We can’t wait for the completion of the house so we can return for more beers and a swim in the pool!



VQ Night Markets Return!


The VQ Night Markets will be held again on Wednesdays this November after a successful season last year. The markets offer a range of food and entertainment in ‘Carnivale’ theme. The staff at CODA are very pleased to hear this news as we enjoy making the short walk from our office to Vic Quay to have something delicious for dinner….and dessert!

Fremantle Ports are behind the VQ Night Markets, one example of the community initiatives they are involved in. CODA has had the opportunity to provide urban design services to Fremantle Ports for the Victoria Quay Enabling Precinct Plans which set out a strategy and vision for the future of Victoria Quay.


Find out more on the VQ Night Markets here