• Stirling Hwy, Cottesloe

Amana Living


CODA was invited by Amana Living as one of four architectural practices chosen to explore the feasibility and potential for the development of quality accommodation for people aged 55+ on an existing Amana site.

The proposition put forward by our team was expressive of CODA’s determination to produce innovative, sustainable and research-based work. With a strong interest in the future of housing and in particular the necessity for age-appropriate living, this project was a result of a determination to understand what defines successful retirement housing.

The proposal puts forward a total of 105 apartments, 90% of which are anticipated to achieve a Platinum level of Livable Housing Design Guidelines to encourage access to all residents as well as easy adaptation of apartments to the specific needs of residents.

A set of 5 key principles were developed to guide the design process:

Light + Air

Passive solar considerations are ensured in all dwellings as a result of an understanding of both the environmental benefits and in recognising the major life-enhancing health and psychological benefits of good access to sunlight and natural ventilation.

Materials + Sustainability    

We proposed a beautiful selection of materials, both hardwearing and sustainable where possible. ESD considerations were a key component of the design, which encompasses water recycling systems, PVS and solar thermal on the roof.

Privacy + Community  

We believe that when operating effectively retirement living can become the backdrop for a fulfilling communal life whilst allowing privacy and amenity for individual pursuits.

Safety + Security

Part of the research undertaken through the design process involved a series of interviews with those who sit within the demographic most akin to the potential clients of Amana living. These interviews revealed that security was of the most importance to people as they aged.

These are at the heart of any multi-residential design and particularly relevant in the case of 55+ living and its associated services and lifestyle.