Barrack Square


The Barrack Square project centres on the desire to provide high quality design that will form a backdrop to increasing the activation of the area surrounding the Bell Tower during the first stages of the Elizabeth Quay development. Through extensive consultation with the client and a collaborative working relationship with all consultants we were able to deliver an appropriate design outcome, within a limited budget and on a tight timeframe.

Responding to the existing elements of the site and the construction language of the nearby civil works, we carefully wrapped safety rope around the palm trees creating a place marker that moves through and activates the entire site. Fairy lights have been strung through the existing large canopy trees, and a playful pink pergola has been constructed over a new deck area. Soakwells reimagined as giant planters and seating complete the scene.

Live performance, music, long table dinners, pop up markets or simply allowing your children enjoy the new playground space are all easy and possible in this space.