Broome North


CODA was engaged to provide specialist design, consultation and analysis services for the development of a 700ha site north of the Old Broome town site. The project required extensive site analysis, community consultation and engagement as well as the preparation of built form/urban design guidelines. We developed various housing typologies for the site, including a mix of single and grouped housing options.

CODA investigated the context and history of the housing market in Broome, its local conditions and site constraints. Our approach to the urban design and housing principles will enable climatically responsive housing typologies that will allow occupants to enjoy Broome’s unique environment and demographic.

Our climatic principles extended to the detail of the built form in order to ensure that the designs not only respond to seasonal variations but are also affordable, diverse, adaptable, reflective of their location and sustainable. Details such as breezeways, recesses, openings, louvres, overhangs, limiting thermal mass and increasing insulation were all included as was the integration of natural shading and appropriate boundary fencing. Each housing typology ensures that the air conditioning, insulation, water usage, energy use and solar power are all environmentally sustainable.

In 2010, our work for Broome North received the Australian Institute of Architects Award for Urban Design (WA). In evidencing their decision, the jury described Broome North as having the potential to become ‘the prototype for future regional planning in Western Australia.’