Cantonment Hill Master Plan


The need for a Master Plan for Cantonment Hill comes after 10 years of lobbying by the local community to prevent the surplus site being sold for residential development. In 2010, the City of Fremantle purchased the site and the following year engaged CODA to prepare a Master Plan for the site alongside the Cantonment Hill Master Planning Working Group.

The project required extensive consultation with stakeholders; research and analysis of the heritage and other contextual data; the identification of opportunities and constraints within the site; recommendations to be made for its future development and care as well as suggestions for the heritage interpretation of the site; preparation of support material and the participation in a process of community consultation and feedback; and finally, the delivery of 3D modeling and a Master Plan report.

Cantonment Hill provides powerful visual entry marker into Fremantle but despite its position the land has lain desolate for many years. The site requires extensive upgrades and investment in order for it to become an inviting amenity for local residents and visitors to the City. Financial feasibility will significantly influence the final outcome.

Potential barriers such as the existing buildings and roads have been creatively incorporated into a plan for pedestrian and cycling routes that will ultimately link Cantonment Hill with central Fremantle.

The public realm within the site responds to nature, climate, regional identity, local character, and its potential visitors and residents in order to express a relevant and recognisable landscape vernacular. Spatial and social concepts of community and neighbourhood have all been addressed within the Master Plan.