Charter Hall Perth


CODA worked with Australia’s largest property group, Charter Hall, to design a new workspace for their growing Perth-based team. An identifiable style had been established amongst the organisation’s eastern state’s offices for activity-based working environments using a sophisticated palette of natural materials and light. CODA were keen to continue this standard in the Perth workspace, but at the same time reflect Charter Hall’s new West Australian location through colour and material choice.

The new workspace is set over a single floor of an established building in the heart of Perth’s CBD. In keeping with the desire for a dynamic and active work space, CODA devised a series of spaces that allow for either collaborative work, individual work or private meetings. Staff have a degree of independence over their working environment through desks that raise and lower according to need.

A social space runs along the window edge, playfully referred to as ‘the deck’, bringing an informal, almost domestic quality to this aspect of the office. Here staff can comfortably eat their lunch, socialise and even work if they choose. A sense of autonomy is prevalent throughout the entirety of this project.

A distinctly West Australian colour palette imbeds this project firmly in its context. Textured natural wood finishes and smooth, golden cabinetry is punctured by shades of sea blue and earthy red tones. Renowned furniture designer, Nathan Day, was commissioned to make an entry desk out of local timbers. Contemporary wall graphics further reinforce Charter Hall’s signature branding, whilst hanging pots and ample plant-life provide a playful and softening insertion into the space.