Cottesloe Public Amenities


As part of the Town of Cottesloe Foreshore Redevelopment, CODA has been engaged in the design of new public facilities located on the northern end of the beachfront.

The key objectives of the project are to enhance the overall Cottesloe beachfront experience for visitors and the local community, to demonstrate the quality contribution that a development could make in setting a standard for the beachfront and precinct, and to illustrate an appropriate built typology suitable to the site, its surrounds and Cottesloe.

As a linear intervention, the design acts as a device that brings order to the scattered array of objects that exist along the foreshore, whilst keeping the form minimal in order to maintain and enhance the view towards the horizon.

The main structure consists of modular blocks that house the toilets and a small kiosk. These can be ‘cut to length’ and are framed by a sequence of multifunctional columns that define the perimeter and extent of the proposed facility. The columns help to define new spaces as well as becoming lights at night.

The glowing columns support the playful ribbon roof that floats above.  The proposed roof undulates to reveal colour and form to what is a predominantly rectilinear proposal.

A series of sliding screens provide privacy from the street, protection from the wind and seating nooks during the day, creating a flexible space that is easily surveyed and highly responsive to the chosen site as part of the greater Cottesloe Beachfront Precinct.