Cottesloe Town Centre


The Town of Cottesloe engaged CODA to assist in the development of architectural and built form outcomes for two council owned sites in the town centre. Specifically, we explored the different statutory and strategic planning options for the town centre including building height, streetscape, parking and plot ratio.

Station Street had long been an ad-hoc collection of building types and the council was very keen that any new developments consider the social, environmental and architectural outcomes desired by the greater community. Other issues were the shortage of parking, the constraints of the site between highway and railway, and the challenges of creating a cohesive town centre whilst large pockets remain undeveloped as a result of private ownership.

Our proposals demonstrated careful consideration to all of these factors, combining a significant parking provision within buildings that activated the street through retail and hospitality. Local business association, ProCott, saw this an opportunity to reinforce the brand of the Cottesloe Village as an outdoor local shopping and services centre in opposition to the indoor mall model of public space used by most other retail hubs.