East Hedland Fill and Substructure Study


CODA were engaged by Landcorp to investigate if an alternative approach to the Business as Usual (BAU) model could minimise imported infill and result in substantial financial, environmental and spatial gains for a site located in the floodplain of East Port Hedland.

CODA’s role in conjunction with CAPITAL HOUSE structural engineers and Davis Langdon Quantity Surveyors was to develop and explore alternative housing typologies to the BAU model utilising various substructure solutions.

An alternative approach to BAU was considered as raising the lot in it entirety by importing fill to achieve a minimum ground level dictated by 1:100, 1:50 and 1:20 year flood surge levels together with the use of steel structure and suspended floor to achieve the required habitable flood level.

To assist in determining the likely viability of an alternative approach, a Construction Industry Research Questionnaire was prepared and issued to several established Pilbara Home Builders in order to gather valuable knowledge of current market standards and practice. Research of the recent Queensland Floods was also completed and the findings and applicable strategies for construction in floodplain areas collated.