House B


The client requested an extension to their federation cottage that referenced the aesthetic of an industrial warehouse. From the street the new extension is invisible allowing the heritage streetscape to remain intact.

The decision to control the integration of the addition to the existing house via a slender walkway had the effect of clearly demarcating the old and new, forming the central courtyard and limiting the cost of tying in new to the old.

The walkway slips in under the old roof and allows for minimal disruption to the workers cottage at the front. The living/dining shed sleeves onto this and connects the courtyards. Finally, a garage tucks in under the first floor and continues to the ROW.

The division between inside and outside has been broken down to provide new informal spaces. A screen wall of polycarbonate starts at the entry on the side boundary, moves inside to become a translucent wall to the robe and stretches to become a garage wall/pool fence. These are backlit, illuminating the pool and living spaces.

The project reorients the house from its southern disposition toward a north facing courtyard and living room. All the spaces now enjoy excellent cross ventilation.

This project received an Architecture Award in the Alterations and Additions of the 2009 AIA Awards.