Inner-city Fremantle music venue


CODA led the schematic re-imagining of a much-loved community music venue in Fremantle. Our design accentuates the existing heritage elements of the building, whilst introducing new areas of activation, including an alfresco deck that addresses the street edge.

The design creates three thematic areas, each responding and reinterpreting part of the building’s history. In the main space, its rich history as a “drill hall” is played out in the repetition of delicate linear elements that define the spaces over the bar. Custom, mobile furniture was designed to accommodate the varying numbers of patrons this venue will attract.

In the lesser hall, its history as a garage and armoury is reflected through strong painted graphics and a reinterpretation of the gun cupboard. As a smaller space a more refined approach to the materials and detailing create an intimate, quiet feel.

The outdoor spaces have been reinvented as the “backyard” of the project. Despite fronting the street, these spaces are informal and flexible, allowing for food trucks and small impromptu performances.