Karratha Shade Structure


This project has given CODA the opportunity to test the strategies defined in our Pilbara Vernacular Handbook and, in doing so, explore the architectural and performance possibilities for overhead shade structures in Karratha, based on the Handbook’s recommendations. The shade structures are proposed as part of the future expansion and densification of the Karratha town centre. Considerations of climate, radiant heat, air flow, interaction with surrounding buildings and aesthetic appeal to the street below have all been tested and combined to form this conceptual design.

The main objective for these structures is to provide shade, however many other opportunities were identified that can benefit the street amenity and increase the desire for people to use it. Using folded metal louvres, rather than a horizontal platform, allows for control of the sun angle and shading as well as providing ample air flow. There is also the possibility of artistic expression through the form and colours of the underside of the shades, creating a vibrant and colourful city centre for Karratha. Opportunities for street interaction through use of signage and street furniture has also been explored as a way to reduce the structures’ visual scale and provide interaction with the shade structures at a pedestrian level.