Kimberley Vernacular Handbook


The Kimberley Vernacular Handbook aims to highlight ways that future development within Broome and the other towns of the Kimberley can create environmentally and socially sustainable built environments, which fit well with the existing town settings.

This project builds upon the positive response we received for our work on the Pilbara Vernacular Handbook, and uses its tested format as a base. Our analysis of Broome focussed on the following segments: responding to client, engaging with the natural environment, building on Broome’s character and identity, enhancing livability and mobilising for change. Multi-disciplinary approaches are proposed, as the principles and strategies suggested by the Handbook are often interconnected. It is recognised that regional centres have limited resources, so that emphasis is on clear, achievable and affordable strategies, with directly beneficial outcomes for Broome.

Further towns will be addressed at a later date.