Kings Square Precinct Urban Design Strategy


Kings Square sits at the geographical and civic heart of Fremantle and the aim of the strategy is to reinstate the Square and its surrounding sites as an important social and commercial hub for the city centre.

Amendment 49 to the City of Fremantle Local Planning Scheme No. 4 has recently been introduced and establishes the planning requirements for the key development sites in and around Kings Square including the heights of buildings and their setback from the road boundary. The strategy includes the full length of Queen Street as a connection to the Train Station and Victoria Quay, as well as a consideration of the pedestrian routes from Kings Square to key retail nodes and attractions around Fremantle.

In March 2012, the City engaged CODA, Creating Communities Australia and Kelsall Binet Architects to provide architectural, urban design and landscape architecture services and to facilitate public consultation.

The project can be broken down into five distinct phases:

  • visioning
  • design development
  • community consultation
  • amendment
  • adoption.

A series of community consultation workshops and presentations were held throughout the project to encourage a collaborative and iterative process and to ensure that the needs and desires of Fremantle’s residents, commercial owners and operators and other stakeholders were considered. The consultant team documented and analysed the outcomes of the community consultation process for presentation to City Councillors who gave final consideration to the preferred Urban Design Strategy for Kings Square and its surrounds. A copy of the adopted Strategy is available for download from the City of Fremantle’s website.

In 2015, this project received an Australia Award for Urban Design commendation for Small Scale Policy, Programs and Concepts.