• Site Location
  • 3D Model Stirling Hwy (South Elevation)
  • 3D Model (West Elevation)
  • 3D Model (North West Elevation)
  • 3D Model (East Elevation)
  • 3D Block Model Overview

McCabe Street Modelling


CODA was engaged by the City of Fremantle to develop a sketch 3D model to inform the discussion around permissible building envelopes for a site on McCabe Street in North Fremantle. The site surrounds the Matilda Bay Brewery heritage building, and is identified under the City’s Local Planning Policy 3.11.

Residential development at the site is intended to assist the City in achieving the broader housing density targets set by the state government. Our model allowed the impact of this development to be explored from ten established view points, to ensure that any new buildings would not adversely affect the visual appeal of the area or impact nearby residents. The model tested a series of buildings heights in order to arrive at the most appropriate outcome for the area.

With the assistance of CODA, Council were able to make an informed decision regarding a revision to the local planning policy for this location.