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MLC Junior Years


In 2014 CODA collaborated with BVN Donovan Hill to design a new Junior Years precinct for the existing Methodist Ladies’ College campus in Claremont WA.

During the initial phases the combined practices of BVN Donovan Hill and CODA held several intensive workshops to understand fully the aspirations of the school, the staff and the community as a whole. These productive and interactive sessions resulted in a reworking and refinement of the existing masterplan in line with the new Preferred Education Model (PEM) for the school.

We worked with the school and No Tosh on the early stages of brief development to fully understand and articulate the potentials of good design to the teaching method. A key aspiration was to create closer ties between the project interior and the landscape. To this end we developed a series of “learning landscapes” that move inside and outside the buildings, engaging students in their surrounds through the blurring of teaching and play spaces.

While large moves are important to address the teaching and learning objectives, small moves are also critical as a way of responding directly to the staff and students by creating moments of wonder, delight, scale and intimacy for an overall feeling of security and belonging.

The building contract has been awarded and demolition has begun as the first phase of the new development works.