Move Apartments


The Match Group engaged CODA to provide Design Development services for an entry level apartment project in North Coogee which had a previous Development Approval for 81 dwellings. CODA completed the design review within 10 weeks and most significantly, increased the number of dwellings by 25 units to 106. The development will now be comprised of 57 single, 44 double and 5 three-bedroom apartments. This change in density was formally approved by the City of Cockburn (through a revised Structure Plan and DAP amended by CODA).

Underlying this project was a desire to capture and reflect the post-industrial landscape of North Coogee and the greater Fremantle area. This was achieved through the use of robust, context appropriate materials that ensure longevity in the face of an often harsh, coastal environment. Working with only a handful of materials such as face brick, exposed steelwork and cladding, has anchored the building firmly within Fremantle’s established architectural framework. We have also given the CODA brick (designed for the award winning Think Brick competition) a guernsey on feature walls throughout the project!

Various passive, sustainable initiatives like improved cross ventilation, dual aspect apartments and allocated space for visitors’ bicycles have been incorporated into the design wherever possible. An outdoor room, or extended balcony, becomes a focal point in each apartment and acts as a continuation of the indoor living spaces. Whilst activating the building from the street front, these balconies contribute also to a sense of community within this unique development.