Murdoch University Mandurah Campus



CODA was engaged to revitalize a series of underutilized rooms and non-descript transit spaces across Murdoch University’s Mandurah campus. The project was initiated as a way of creating a stronger campus identity and offering more to the (mostly mature-age) student experience. CODA’s approach was to extend the use of each space to become places for connection and engagement.

CODA acted as curator and designer, selecting artworks from the University’s impressive collection. In the primary transit corridor, mid-century, Eastern European posters inform a palette of navy, grey, burnt orange and yellow. Plywood is used to form individual work stations and loose upholstered furniture allows the space to be occupied in different permutations.

An undercover area at the rear of the campus has been radically transformed from a dull, prison-like environment to a joyful, welcoming space for social activity. Built-in furniture now divides the space into smaller, more useable spaces. Colour is used to create a strong perimeter, whilst painted carpets have also been used to demarcate space and add a sense of playfulness. A large skylight above the long table shifts the internal volume of the space from shed to room.

An adjacent small lounge, suitable for private study or quiet group work, has been transformed using a saturated palette of deep pink, red and shades of green and blue. Finally, an underutilised foyer and courtyard has been transformed into a pop-up cafe using tiles and bold paintwork.