Ranford Road Urban Village


CODA’s scheme for the #designperth challenge tests opportunities for a site located on a busy road and addresses the lack of housing diversity within the area.

The broad aspiration for the scheme is to improve economic, social and environmental benefits to this corridor whilst whilst providing an attractive place to live and work, with housing choice, genuine affordability and quality landscape amenity. It seeks to transform the area’s car dominated and severe built and urban form into a vibrant urban village, with improved links to public transport and a shared path network.

CODA used a diverse combination of housing typologies, including maisonettes, adaptable ageing in place units and flexible housing to develop the village. Importantly, none of our proposed residential buildings are over three storeys, with the only three-four storey building being mixed-use and addressing the main road.

More about the scheme and the #designperth initiative can be found here.