Waranyjarri Display Village


CODA were engaged by Landcorp to be part of an assessment and selection panel which selected 8 house designs, by 8 local builders, to be constructed as part of a ‘display village’ at the entry to the Waranyjarri Estate. Given its location at the major entry point to the estate, it was essential that the selected houses not only showcase local builders and their designs, but that they set a precedent for future development within the subdivision.

As authors of both the Broome North Housing Guide and the Broome North Design Guidelines, CODA ensured that each of the houses selected for the display village were appropriately designed for the Broome climate and compliant with the desired character and aesthetic of the Waranyjarri subdivision. Following this, CODA worked with the successful builders to ensure the success of their designs, a process which gave us a unique insight in construction methods, cost effective strategies and standardisation options for Broome housing.