• Yalgoo Avenue (East Elevation)
  • Karak Lane (West Elevation)
  • Side Elevation (South Elevation)
  • Floor Plan
  • Sketch
  • White Gum Valley Split Level House Location
  • White Gum Valley Split Level House Location

WGV Split Level House


There is a growing demand for the design of demographically diverse housing that offers the potential to expand and contract as residents move through the natural phases of life. In terms of urban design solutions to accommodate our growing population, the WGV Split Level House answers these needs by increasing the occupancy potential of an individual dwelling.

This project builds upon CODA’s extensive experience in developing innovative housing typologies and our role as WGV Estate Architect.

At WGV, the split level sites are distinguished by a 3m retaining wall running through the site offset from the precinct’s internal laneway. The design offers multiple configurations, demonstrating that a single home can function in a range of occupancy scenarios. For instance, as a dual key house that can accommodate an ancillary dwelling and work from home options.

Efficient in its use of space, the split level house makes the most of its dual frontage, with both laneway and avenue providing two distinct entry points. The scale and texture of materials respond to the existing neighborhood, anchoring the building within White Gum Valley’s established architectural framework.

Importantly, the design responds to Landcorp’s Climatic Responsive Design Policy with regards to setbacks, natural ventilation and open space.