Wheatstone Residential Housing


The Chevron-operated Wheatstone project, one of Australia’s largest resource projects, is currently under construction on the Pilbara coast.

Located at Ashburton, 12 kilometres west of Onslow, the foundation phase of the project will consist of two liquefied natural gas trains with a combined capacity of 8.9 MTPA and a domestic gas plant.

As part of its commitment to ensuring that a portion of the Wheatstone workforce reside permanently in Onslow, Chevron has engaged CODA to design 50 residential houses on a subdivision to be developed by Landcorp.

Whilst the project is still in its infancy, it is intended that these houses will provide accommodation for families to enable them to be part of the tight-knit community of Onslow. Our familiarity with the Pilbara will be essential to us realising Chevron’s desire for a housing development that is sustainable, climatically responsive and that references Onslow’s established architectural language.