Perth College Boarding House Refurbishment

CODA is working with Perth College to re-imagine their Boarding House, which provides a home away from home for more than 100 girls in Years 7 – 12. Guiding our design of Stage One has been a desire to offer the girls a more dynamic and contemporary experience, providing flexible spaces that can accommodate both social activities and places to just hang out.

With girls from across the breadth of the state, we divided the spaces into three colour palettes inspired by the northern, centre and southern regional landscape. We used artworks from each of these regions to inform our selection and to express the diversity of the West Australian landscape.

An open plan kitchen, lounge and dining room has been created to form the heart of the boarding house. Custom modular lounges and larger spaces for cooking and eating provide comfortable, homely places for girls to connect.

A key move has been to improve connections between the landscape and internal spaces. Large sliding doors open to an enclosed courtyard, which has been elevated by the introduction of playful ground treatments, a sophisticated pergola, festoon lightings and oversized planters. These improvements will increase the functionality of the courtyard, creating a space that will be used for everything from outdoor movies to parties.

Furniture has been selected that is both beautiful and affordable. With an extremely tight budget, this project is being delivered without any increase to the overall footprint of the school. Construction of Stage One was completed at the end of May 2017 and the remaining two stages will follow shortly after.


Inner-city Fremantle music venue

CODA led the schematic re-imagining of a much-loved community music venue in Fremantle. Our design accentuates the existing heritage elements of the building, whilst introducing new areas of activation, including an alfresco deck that addresses the street edge.

The design creates three thematic areas, each responding and reinterpreting part of the building’s history. In the main space, its rich history as a “drill hall” is played out in the repetition of delicate linear elements that define the spaces over the bar. Custom, mobile furniture was designed to accommodate the varying numbers of patrons this venue will attract.

In the lesser hall, its history as a garage and armoury is reflected through strong painted graphics and a reinterpretation of the gun cupboard. As a smaller space a more refined approach to the materials and detailing create an intimate, quiet feel.

The outdoor spaces have been reinvented as the “backyard” of the project. Despite fronting the street, these spaces are informal and flexible, allowing for food trucks and small impromptu performances.

Murdoch University Mandurah Campus


CODA was engaged to revitalize a series of underutilized rooms and non-descript transit spaces across Murdoch University’s Mandurah campus. The project was initiated as a way of creating a stronger campus identity and offering more to the (mostly mature-age) student experience. CODA’s approach was to extend the use of each space to become places for connection and engagement.

CODA acted as curator and designer, selecting artworks from the University’s impressive collection. In the primary transit corridor, mid-century, Eastern European posters inform a palette of navy, grey, burnt orange and yellow. Plywood is used to form individual work stations and loose upholstered furniture allows the space to be occupied in different permutations.

An undercover area at the rear of the campus has been radically transformed from a dull, prison-like environment to a joyful, welcoming space for social activity. Built-in furniture now divides the space into smaller, more useable spaces. Colour is used to create a strong perimeter, whilst painted carpets have also been used to demarcate space and add a sense of playfulness. A large skylight above the long table shifts the internal volume of the space from shed to room.

An adjacent small lounge, suitable for private study or quiet group work, has been transformed using a saturated palette of deep pink, red and shades of green and blue. Finally, an underutilised foyer and courtyard has been transformed into a pop-up cafe using tiles and bold paintwork.


Manning Estate Upgrade

CODA has been engaged as the estate architect for Manning Estate in Fremantle. The Estate comprises of a collection of buildings occupying the south side of High St Mall, starting on William Street, wrapping around the Mall and finishing on Market St. 

Our work so far includes a concept for a food and beverage venue opposite Town Hall and another venue near Paddy Troy Mall, lighting to the historic first storey façade at night, and a tiling upgrade to Manning Arcade. Most excitingly, we are involved in the upgrade of the Majestic Theatre space above the High St Mall, unused since the 1920s. This fantastic, underutilised space has potential to contribute to the activation and diversity of central Fremantle. 

Our work ties in to the recent upgrades to High St Mall, with the aim to make the Mall a more vibrant and activated space, during the day and night.

Proposed Tavern and Entertainment Venue

A speculative design for a food, beverage, arts and music venue at one of Fremantle’s iconic waterside locations.

The design improves the overall amenity of the area by integrating the outdoor spaces with the public realm, providing seamless approach to the decking, landscaping and an entertainment zone. Much consideration was given to ensuring that the design was sympathetic to the the cultural and historical significance of the site.

A roofed alfresco dining and bar area adds another layer of diversity to Fremantle’s current entertainment options, providing waterfront, family friendly spaces in the heart of the city. Play equipment for children and a curated selection of interpretive artwork add to the attraction for families with young children, as well as visitors to the port town.

St. Stephen’s Primary School Upgrade

St Stephen’s Primary School in Duncraig describes itself as ‘a modern, forward thinking school, taking education to a new inspiring level’. The school campus is made up of a number of 90’s brick buildings that do not reflect the school’s current aspirational desire to implement a more progressive pedagogy.

CODA worked with the school to find ways to update it with minimal cost and no structural alterations. The project consists of two distinct key moves, the first of which was to relocate the library to an existing atrium space, allowing it to meander through a more dynamic environment. The old library was converted into an open plan ‘Year 5 hub’, better reflecting contemporary pedagogy.

The spaces are designed to be easily modified so that students can actively participate in their learning environment. Furniture and screens have been fabricated using identifiable, ready-made objects, re-purposed either from industrial uses or from outdoor environments. In the ‘meandering library’ these materials have been playfully used to define the space by distinct themes: Village Green, Town Square, the Street and the highly flexible Market.

The Primary School upgrade project  opened on February 5 2016, in time for the new school year, to the delight of teachers and children!

This project was shortlisted in the following prestigious awards:

2016 Interior Design Excellence Awards

2017 Australian Library Design Awards

2017 INDE Awards

Claisebrook Design Community

CODA transformed an existing saw tooth warehouse and nondescript double-storey office into a functional and flexible space for co-working and entrepreneurship. Located in a curious quarter of East Perth, marked by a mix of turn of the century terraces houses and light industry, this project cements the area’s reputation as an urban village by engaging directly with the community through the café on the street.

CODA’s approach to the design was to introduce a series of intertwining uses that together create a connected hub of activity. At the front of the building sits a co-office space comprised of separate offices and a boardroom. Within the larger warehouse space playful working pods create areas for individual work. An open event space, defined by a circular red carpet and dramatic light scoop, and a cafe link these spaces to the broader community creating a dynamic and porous interface.

Aesthetically, the design draws inspiration from the artwork of Jeffrey Smart and his celebration of the gritty interface between freeways, transport and human existence. Industrial materials have been overlaid with strong primary-coloured graphics; exposed timber frames have been paired with cyclone mesh fencing and warehouse shelving.

The building has been reimagined as a contemporary warehouse – designed for the production of ideas.

MLC Boarding House

The transformation of the boarding house at MLC offered us an exciting opportunity to conduct an extensive interior refurbishment of three interconnected buildings on the Claremont campus.

We were fortunate to start with good bones: a beautiful federation Centenary Building, replete with generous volumes and timber details, connecting through to additional boarding houses with breathtaking river views. Our design offers a contemporary interpretation of the grand Homestead and reflects the warmth of the care offered here. Every aspect of the interior has been considered; from the unique bedroom textiles designed by Andrea Barton to the bespoke furniture across both the private rooms and communal spaces.

With a new energy running throughout the interior spaces, the MLC boarding house has been catapulted to the most exciting in Perth.

This project received a commendation at the Australian Interior Design Awards held in Sydney in June, 2016.

Bunbury Catholic College – Marist Campus

CODA and Broderick Architects were engaged by Bunbury Catholic College to develop an overall masterplan for their existing campus in Bunbury. Our role was to holistically re-imagine the school’s built environment, which up until this point had evolved in an ad-hoc fashion.

Our proposal creates a series of learning precincts that can accommodate the College’s faciltiies and enhance the existing relationships between staff and students. A new Learning Commons, which comprises of a diverse range of teaching and studying spaces, has enabled contemporary pedagogy to be better integrated with the campus.

This project received an Architecture Award at the 2015 WA Institute of Architects awards.

New Museum Project

CODA has been appointed to the position of Architectural Advisor to the Western Australian State Government for the New Museum Project, which will enhance the Perth Cultural Centre when it opens in 2020. The New Museum will display the State collection in contemporary and innovative ways, allowing visitors to share, explore and connect with the past, present and future.

The State Government has committed nearly $430 million to develop a New Museum for WA. This is one of the most significant museum redevelopments in the world today, and one of which all Western Australians should be incredibly proud. As it evolves, the Museum will play a part in redefining our city and our State, showcasing WA and its people to the world.

CODA assisted the WA Museum team to develop the Project Brief, investigating and implementing the latest techniques in museum design and visitor engagement to create a world-class Museum that will inspire the community for generations to come.

We are now working with the State to ensure that OMA and Hassell’s winning design adheres to the exacting standards of our brief.

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