Inner-city Fremantle music venue

CODA led the schematic re-imagining of a much-loved community music venue in Fremantle. Our design accentuates the existing heritage elements of the building, whilst introducing new areas of activation, including an alfresco deck that addresses the street edge.

The design creates three thematic areas, each responding and reinterpreting part of the building’s history. In the main space, its rich history as a “drill hall” is played out in the repetition of delicate linear elements that define the spaces over the bar. Custom, mobile furniture was designed to accommodate the varying numbers of patrons this venue will attract.

In the lesser hall, its history as a garage and armoury is reflected through strong painted graphics and a reinterpretation of the gun cupboard. As a smaller space a more refined approach to the materials and detailing create an intimate, quiet feel.

The outdoor spaces have been reinvented as the “backyard” of the project. Despite fronting the street, these spaces are informal and flexible, allowing for food trucks and small impromptu performances.

Manning Estate Upgrade

CODA has been engaged as the estate architect for Manning Estate in Fremantle. The Estate comprises of a collection of buildings occupying the south side of High St Mall, starting on William Street, wrapping around the Mall and finishing on Market St. 

Our work so far includes a concept for a food and beverage venue opposite Town Hall and another venue near Paddy Troy Mall, lighting to the historic first storey façade at night, and a tiling upgrade to Manning Arcade. Most excitingly, we are involved in the upgrade of the Majestic Theatre space above the High St Mall, unused since the 1920s. This fantastic, underutilised space has potential to contribute to the activation and diversity of central Fremantle. 

Our work ties in to the recent upgrades to High St Mall, with the aim to make the Mall a more vibrant and activated space, during the day and night.

Proposed Tavern and Entertainment Venue

A speculative design for a food, beverage, arts and music venue at one of Fremantle’s iconic waterside locations.

The design improves the overall amenity of the area by integrating the outdoor spaces with the public realm, providing seamless approach to the decking, landscaping and an entertainment zone. Much consideration was given to ensuring that the design was sympathetic to the the cultural and historical significance of the site.

A roofed alfresco dining and bar area adds another layer of diversity to Fremantle’s current entertainment options, providing waterfront, family friendly spaces in the heart of the city. Play equipment for children and a curated selection of interpretive artwork add to the attraction for families with young children, as well as visitors to the port town.

Claisebrook Design Community

CODA transformed an existing saw tooth warehouse and nondescript double-storey office into a functional and flexible space for co-working and entrepreneurship. Located in a curious quarter of East Perth, marked by a mix of turn of the century terraces houses and light industry, this project cements the area’s reputation as an urban village by engaging directly with the community through the café on the street.

CODA’s approach to the design was to introduce a series of intertwining uses that together create a connected hub of activity. At the front of the building sits a co-office space comprised of separate offices and a boardroom. Within the larger warehouse space playful working pods create areas for individual work. An open event space, defined by a circular red carpet and dramatic light scoop, and a cafe link these spaces to the broader community creating a dynamic and porous interface.

Aesthetically, the design draws inspiration from the artwork of Jeffrey Smart and his celebration of the gritty interface between freeways, transport and human existence. Industrial materials have been overlaid with strong primary-coloured graphics; exposed timber frames have been paired with cyclone mesh fencing and warehouse shelving.

The building has been reimagined as a contemporary warehouse – designed for the production of ideas.

Elizabeth Quay Kiosk 6

CODA was selected by the MRA to provide full architectural services for the development of one of Perth’s waterfront kiosk for the new Elizabeth Quay project, which seeks to re-engage the city with the Swan River.

Our proposal sits at the crossing point of the axes from both the city and Riverside Drive to the waterfront and the newly formed island within the Quay. The kiosk will offer a dining experience over three levels optimizing the waterside location and ensuring activation from morning to night. The organic curvaceous form is wrapped in a gold coloured mesh screen providing a landmark building that combines shade, transparency and brings a touch of glamour to the unique location.

The project exemplifies CODA’s ability to provide a sophisticated architectural response to a key location within Perth’s public realm, supporting the precinct vision and integrating with the masterplan design. The iconic building will have a civic focus that enhances the unique experience that this site offers.

Elizabeth Quay was officially opened on January 29th 2016 as a unique and exciting destination for Perth, and a venue for  public events such as PIAF and the Perth Fringe Festival.