Urban Hotel Proposal

CODA was invited to present an interior concept design for a new, boutique hotel in Perth. Our scheme responds to the client’s desire for a unique and youthful approach to hotel design, proposing a bold oasis in a newly revitalised urban setting.

From the outset, CODA envisioned this project as a renovation of a ruin, with bold new insertions, complimenting or highlighting the rawness of the building’s shell. Our vision was to create a surprise, something ‘otherworldly’ and inspired by the mid-century resorts and hotels that you might find in LA or Palm Springs. The interiors integrated local artwork, materials and design aesthetic to create a hotel that would feel uniquely West Australian.

Our scheme for the public areas was highly sculptural, featuring a vaulted ceiling and sweeping ribbon to connect the various zones; canopies and staircases were created in its path. Inspired by Luis Barragan, the public areas were bought to life through rich and vibrant colour that would be enhanced by the intensity of Perth’s sun.

The guest rooms were designed to be flexible, functional and to celebrate the beauty of natural materials in combination with whimsical colour and texture. The modular furniture elements could be arranged and adjusted to suit various room types and users. As with the public areas, the rooms were designed to be joyful and memorable places to stay.