Broome Housing Guide

In 2009 Landcorp engaged coda to develop a design strategy for the delivery of affordable, sustainable, climatically and culturally suitable housing for the Broome North development. Coda’s role was to understand the local housing market, its conditions and constraints, and propose design guidelines and urban design strategies to enable the provision of suitable housing as identified in the shire of Broome, local housing strategy 2009 document.

This document sets out a housing design style as part of the vision for the new development of Broome north and in response to the local housing strategy for Broome. The strategy outlines three key issues that relate directly to house design:

  • Housing affordability
  • High land and building costs
  • Housing mix

Other items listed as matters to be addressed include:

  • Public housing
  • Heritage
  • The Broome climate
  • State government planning policies and the R-codes

Based on the latest developments in the theories of tropical urban design adapted to the particular nature of the Broome environment, the Housing Guide reveals an understanding of the site, the history, the culture and the natural environment in and around the Broome peninsula at both macro and micro scales. Numerous meetings were held in Broome with consultants, builders, planning departments, the Yawuru people and other local interested parties to provide invaluable contextual information and a deeper understanding and knowledge of the area, eventuating in a detailed set of strategies and approaches towards an urban design and a housing typology that can be implemented in the development plan for Broome North.


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