Broome North: Weather Stations

Designing for climate is one of the most important aspects for any construction and development project and is fundamental to the success of the final outcome. In order to achieve this we needed to understand the existing conditions on the site so that we can work with and not against the natural environment conditions in and around the Broome North site.

LandCorp commissioned CODA and ENGAWA Architects to install, monitor and report on findings of local micro-climate using carefully calibrated weather stations. This unique and detailed research component to the project will enable the design team to understand the micro-climate patterns across the whole site, and the implications of designs of street networks and on houses on the prevailing breeze paths. Careful consideration of local temperature, humidity and wind speed and direction are being recorded.

Following initial investigations into availability of climatic data on the site we undertook to obtain more detailed site-specific data that was not available from the local meteorological stations in order to track breezes and gather in depth temperature and humidity information. The data so far has revealed key differences in wind direction and temperature on our site from the published data. The data will be recorded for a period of one year after which the findings will be fed into the design development process.

We are interested in this data as a way of refining the project design to ensure that all residents of Broome North have the best possible chance to respond to the climate throughout the development.

The accompanying photograph sets out the location of the weather stations.