Tusculum Interstate Speaker Series: Urban Impacts

 Emma Williamson presented an insightful overview of the CODA practice and Western Australian architecture at the Tusculum Speaker Series held at the NSW chapter of the AIA on 13 August 2013.

The series focused on the Urban Impacts of architectural projects around Australia. 5 speakers from key architectural practices were invited to discuss their own work as well as that of other architects within the context of their respective cities. The selected works and practices were to demonstrate a strong consideration for the urban environment- how they interact with other sites, streets and public spaces to have an urban impact and in particular how these projects are generators of positive change and renewal in the city.

Emma discussed how the CODA practice had come to be before presenting a collection of projects by the practice. She also discussed a number of key architectural pieces from throughout Perth, including the State Theatre by Kerry Hill Architects, an urban intervention at the old port of Arthur by Donaldson and Warn and the Perth Arena by ARM.  Whether they were sited in Perth’s city centre or in a remote country town, all of the projects that Emma discussed demonstrated in some way an aspiration to expand on the client’s brief and to impact upon the greater city by thinking beyond their physical sites.

For a full copy of the presentation and text please email studio@coda-studio.com