Kieran Wong

Design Director

Kieran co-founded CODA in 1997 and since then has been involved in a broad range of architecture and design projects ranging in value from $250,000 to $75 million. Local authorities, government agencies and private developers seek his input in developing innovative, pragmatic and sustainable design responses to urban and community challenges across the state. Under his leadership, CODA is now recognised as a leader in research and innovative design, providing advice and input into community infrastructure, built form guidelines and site-specific housing typologies.

Kieran is a valued contributor to the design, sustainability and artistic dialogue of Perth. His keen interest in research and teaching has seen him speak regularly at national conferences as well as contribute to university architecture programs. In recent years he has developed a reputation as an authoritative voice on issues surrounding social housing and residential affordability.

Kieran's Recent Work

  • Projects

    Broome North

    Specialist design, consultation and analysis services for the development of a 700ha residential development north of the Old Broome site.

    Place Planning, Urban design
  • Projects

    Building for Diversity

    A mixed-use building providing affordable housing and commercial tenancies close to Perth’s city centre.

    Community, Competition, Multi-Residential, Not-for-Profit, Residential
  • Projects

    Wheatstone Residential Housing

    50 contextually appropriate and environmentally responsive houses to be occupied by Chevron’s permanent workforce in Onslow.

    Commercial, Multi-Residential, Residential